URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/272
Title: #272: Build: makerpms.sh generates Python 2 & 3 packages at the same time

tiran commented:
* CI is failing: ```12-08 10:53 ipadocker.cli ERROR    Command echo Secret123 | 
kinit admin && ipa ping failed (exit code 1)```. I have kicked Travis. Let's 
see if the problem persists.
* please sync the version requirements of python3-cryptography and 
python3-gssapi with Python 2 versions.
* Regarding your workaround and setuptools comment: I have been meaning to move 
all scripts to setuptools' entry points for a while. Setuptools only supports 
one script directory, which defaults to PREFIX/bin. I need to come up with a 
workaround. But that's a topic for another PR.

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