URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/139
Title: #139: WebUI: Vault Management

pvomacka commented:
@mbasti-rh Thank you for review.

1. Fixed
2. Fixed
Additionally I fixed two more issues which I found during testing. The tables 
on User Vaults or Service Vaults didn't show different (different 
users/services) vaults which have the same name - FIXED now. 
The second issue was that when  i.e. admin add user/share vault on service 
page, the search page with new vault was not refreshed - FIXED now.

3. My User Vaults calls vault-find which returns all Vaults which have 
currently logged user is in Owners or Members group. It is called without 
--pkey-only, because we want to get also information about vault type in 
User Vaults shows all user vaults (of all users) and there is --pkey-only 
because we call vault-show for each user vault which is returned and in each 
vault-show response we get all (and several more) information which are also in 
vault-find (without --pkey-only). So, we don't need to transfer data (those 
parts which are in both responses) twice. 

I understand that the difference between those two sections could not be very 
clear. If you have any idea on how to improve this feel free to put a comment 
here or open a ticket.  


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