URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/327
Title: #327: WebUI: RPC refactoring

pvomacka commented:
The last comment from pvoborni: 
"patch 84:

Looks good, works fine, it just needed rebase(I could provide that).

Idea, but that doesn't have to be implemented, or sometime in future,
right now it is not useful: What about providing the rpc object in the
event, and having unique id for each rpc call so that we could track all
rpc which are executed.

patch 101:

1. It's event name but the property name looks like that it contains a text:
   that.change_text = 'change-activity-text';

Should it be rather: that.change_text_event.

Or even, why does it compare previous text? Does it matter? Wouldn't be
better to have 'set-activity' event. And then the handler would call
something new set_text method:

  that.dots = 0
  that.text = new_activity

Petr Vobornik"


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