URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/367
Author: stlaz
 Title: #367: Remove nsslib from IPA
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This batch of patches removes NSSConnection along with the whole 
ipapython.nsslib from IPA and replaces it with more standard 

NSSConnection was causing a lot of trouble in the past because it  is 
apparently very fragile when it comes to nss library initialization. On top of 
that, when NSSConnection is used to set up an HTTPS connection in FIPS, it 
always requires a password to NSS database as NSS apparently tries to create a 
temporary private key and store it to the database even though client 
authentication is not required in the SSL connection.

TODO (will require changes in certmonger/dogatg.c):
- [x] remove NSSConnection from client modules
- [x] remove NSSConnection from server modules where it's used to connect to 
the certificate server
- [x] remove the nsslib library completely
- [ ] we may probably remove ipaCert from /etc/httpd/alias and stop tracking it 
with certmonger
- [ ] separate ra-agent.pem into certificate and private-key files, have 
private-key file encrypted
- [ ] once ^- is done, track the new files in certmonger instead


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