URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/314
Title: #314: RFC: privilege separation for ipa framework code

simo5 commented:
Thanks @HonzaCholasta I already fixed the service thing but didn't push as I 
started getting another error on install, buit before I fix that I am working 
on releasing gssproxy where wer are hitting another heisenbug just in the 
testing suite (works as expected when installed).
On the ldapi error I have seen it too during development, for a period I was 
getting it every time once on install ie:
install, play, uninstall, install, Error!, uninstall, install, play ...
So I had to install - uninstall - reinstall for each test, but it had 
disappeared for a while.
It seem some uninstall snag to me, if I can find some info on why it occurs 
I'll open a bug (or fix it if it is due to my code changes).

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