URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/393
Author: mbasti-rh
 Title: #393: [WIP] Py3 allow to run wsgi
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 Changed field: body
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With these patches we can run commands with server running on py3

Note: to use py3 install module `python3-mod_wsgi` that enables py3 wsgi 

Note: this may or may not depend (I haven't tested) on my PR #382 so it 
contains all patches, will be rebased when PR #382 merged

WSGI related patches
- py3: session.py decode server name to str …                  7ff4b83
- py3: rpcserver: decode input because json requires string …                  
- Py3: Fix undefined variable …                        5b4c9d8
- py3: session: fix r/w ccache data …                  985deaf
- py3: WSGI executioners must return bytes in list …                   acedc31


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