URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/210
Title: #210: Tests: Stage User Tracker implementation

martbab commented:
@gkaihorodova the PR cannot be pushed in current form because the first commit 
298e1a136c6a430e8deaa558a946ba51874ffd95 is already pushed to master.

So to rebase it correctly please do the following:

Pull the changes from the remote repo (or any other label you have for it) into 
your local master branch:

$ git  checkout master; git pull

Then do the rebase against the refreshed master branch. The first commit should 
now disappear as git should detect that it is already there. If not, then abort 
the current rebase, re-start it in interactive mode (git rebase -i master) and 
remove the first commit manually (just remove the first line). Then force-push 
the changes into your fork:

$ git push -f origin fix-for-6448

See the full comment at 
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