URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/382
Title: #382: [Py3] ipa-server-install fixes (working NTP, DS, CA install steps)

tiran commented:
Let's reiterate. It's obviously wrong to assume that request data such as JSON 
are encoded as UTF-8. It can be just any encoding. Outside the Western world, 
JSON and XML are often encoded as UTF-16.

That doesn't mean we have to support other encodings than UTF-8 right now. It's 
fine to restrict requests and responses to UTF-8 as only supported encoding. 
The check should be performed early in the WSGI layer. A client sends can send 
the request type as part of the content type. The framework should check for 
the presence of an encoding hint and refuse encodings that are 
```encoding.lower() not in {'utf8', 'utf-8'}```.

See the full comment at 
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