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Title: #407: New lite-server implementation

pvoborni commented:
When I was still developing server-side then I used lsyncd to rsync files from 
my local laptop working git repo to their location on vm in a lab. 

So the process for me was just:
* change file
* restart httpd
* test

Lite sever covers only API changes. Solution above covered also installs and 
updates (to some extend). So it was much more usable because API changes is 
only a small part of FreeIPA development.

For Web UI, there is older /install/ui/util/sync.sh which does similar thing.

Build system refactoring enabled to use `make install` method

$ mkdir /tmp/vm
$ sshfs -o transform_symlinks root@<vm>:/ /tmp/vm
$ make install DESTDIR=/tmp/vm
This covers all use cases. So it might be better to talk if we should rather 
promote this method with e.g. containerized IPA instance. 

I.e. Before we ACK or NACK this PR. I'd rather have a conversation, what is the 
issue and what is the right solution. How we can make the whole process better. 
And then update http://www.freeipa.org/page/Contribute/Code which is rather 
obsolete and doesn't describe any method.


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