URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/337
Title: #337: Client-side CSR autogeneration (take 2)

LiptonB commented:
@HonzaCholasta, updated, please take a look. I standardized on "CSR generation 
profile" because the names of the objects in the code and the directory that 
stores them are already "profiles," and because "template" is what the code 
calls the Jinja2 syntax that's built from the profile and the rules. But if you 
strongly prefer "template" to mean the collection of rules to use for 
generation I'm ok with changing it, I'd just want to change the code and 
filenames to be consistent as well.

Thanks for clarifying about the reference from `certprofile` to the CSR profile 
rather than the other way around. That seems fine to me too, especially if it's 
considered a default CSR profile rather than the only allowable one. Should I 
add that field to `certprofile` when I make the PR that adds `cert-request 

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