URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/434
Title: #434: csrgen: Automate full cert request flow

MartinBasti commented:
- pylint:
************* Module ipaclient.plugins.cert
ipaclient/plugins/cert.py:102: [W1612(unicode-builtin), cert_request.forward] 
unicode built-in referenced)
ipaclient/plugins/cert.py:127: [W1612(unicode-builtin), cert_request.forward] 
unicode built-in referenced)
ipaclient/plugins/cert.py:99: [W0612(unused-variable), cert_request.forward] 
Unused variable 'requestdata')

for unicode you can use etiher `six.string_type()` or
if six.PY3:
    unicode = str

-  pep8 errors
- failing test expects DN object instead of String

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