URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/475
Title: #475: Add options to run only ipaclient unittests

martbab commented:
I was thinking that instead of making up more options to test runner we could 
reorganize the `ipatests/` directory to actually make sense from the consumer's 
POV, although I admit that it will take more time and also has potential to 
break are incredibly... fragile test handling.

On the plus side, you would run the tests you want naturally by just specifying 
the path that interests you and let the test discovery do the rest.

A silly example:


$ ipa-run-tests test_ipaclient/test_units
test_ipaclient/test_units/test_util.py ........
test_ipaclient/test_units/tutil.py ..
test_ipaclient/test_units/test_csrgen.py ..............ssss...

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