URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/549
Title: #549: WebUI: certmap match

dkupka commented:

* 6be32edde0ae16473d4d109747adae78f9d725e4 WebUI: Add possibility to turn of 
autoload when details.load is called
* 1d6cc35c03669ea67d9e9ee9ca0ff62401d1b157 WebUI: Possibility to choose object 
when API call returns list of objects
* 358caa7da44c997b505f54ec70cb6be58d188751 WebUI: Add Adapter for certmap_match 
result table
* 61cd4372e142662c06c881886709fe1b573102a9 WebUI: Add cermapmatch module

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