URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/139
Title: #139: WebUI: Vault Management

MartinBasti commented:

* c3115fa617fb049ba48d356d280fdb23c312ebca Additional option to add and del 
operations can be set
* ec63456b7c1fba6bd8d9073e63c27ef685f08c60 Allow to set another other_entity 
* 93a7f4c88db159664664bd82d1d00e5e0033ac22 Possibility to skip checking 
writable according to metadata
* 6d1374f7f82d144b8aa361e9e637c5388f8f7edb Added optional option in refreshing 
after modifying association table
* bbca1d9219bfab9f204cb0217495cbd94b7098be Add property which allows refresh 
command to use url value
* 042e113db9bc66dcd0da0d5e8b8d025212695705 Add possibility to pass url 
parameter to update command of details page
* 2e6e0698865e7d530c6ebf87a12e46f990ac1d87 Extend _show command after _find 
command in table facets
* 039a6f7b4ff392974408cb9e274f8a3777e009fd Possibility to set list of table 
attributes which will be added to _del command
* 8dfe692251d38934a21ad3bc648d839d83e27caa Add possibility to hide only one tab 
in sidebar
* de4d4a51b542b8e473919dbc14f7a0810944b544 WebUI: search facet's default 
actions might be overriden
* 587b7324fb1f6899deb151c30662362c18c5258e WebUI: allow to show rows with same 
pkey in tables
* 39d7ef3de4b0345274b4b8e8f6918e3b714879ad WebUI: add vault management
* ab8c69f4c602c0eaefbb058c108428ca30a80e98 TESTS: Add support for KRA in 
* 0808504ba1ab743acdf4231876d49c26dbae6621 TESTS: Add support for sidebar with 
* f95275748465ffacecfbf55ca2cd2fc54f3860b7 TESTS WebUI: Vaults management

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