URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/625
Title: #625: [RFC] remote plugins: add option to force compat plugins

HonzaCholasta commented:
* With `force_client_compat=False`, the benefit is the client API matches the 
remote server API, the drawback is `api.finalize()` does RPC calls and touches 
schema cache (i.e. the current behavior).
* With `force_client_compat=True`, the benefit is `api.finalize()` does no RPC 
calls nor does it touch schema cache, the drawback is that the client API is 
stuck at API version 2.164 (IPA 4.3.3).
* Schema download exists to support newer servers versions without having to 
update the client. Compat plugins exist to support older server versions which 
do not have schema support. (See 
* *Optimistic try/fallback* is the current behavior which requires RPC calls in 
`api.finalize()` to detect the server's capabilities in order to reconstruct 
it's API locally. With this PR it's possible to skip this step and fall back to 
the behavior of IPA 4.3.3.

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