On ke, 29 maalis 2017, Bradley Bishop wrote:
Hello all,

I have an IPA setup with AD and DNS resides on AD and am having issues
authenticating with my clients.

Getting the Following error on my Clients:

(Wed Mar 29 09:22:33 2017) [sssd[be[ipa.brad.local]]] [sasl_bind_send]
(0x0100): Executing sasl bind mech: GSSAPI, user: host/bradltest3.brad.local
Your IPA domain is ipa.brad.local, your host name is
bradltest3.brad.local, e.g. it is not in IPA domain.

It looks like your IPA client machine is in the AD DNS domain. You
should read http://rhelblog.redhat.com/2016/07/13/i-really-cant-rename-my-hosts/
and http://www.freeipa.org/page/V4/IPA_Client_in_Active_Directory_DNS_domain
to understand what nightmare you are inflicting yourself into. ;)

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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