URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/397
Title: #397: Improve wheel building and provide ipaserver wheel for local 

MartinBasti commented:
@tiran sorry, but then something doesn't work as expected

$ dnf builddep -b -D "with_wheels 1" --spec freeipa.spec.in
<everything already installed>

$ make wheel_bundle IPA_SERVER_WHEELS=1
  Failed building wheel for dbus-python

$ git grep -in  dbus-devel freeipa.spec.in 
freeipa.spec.in:149:BuildRequires:  dbus-devel

$ rpm -q dbus-devel
package dbus-devel is not installed

Probably because `%global with_wheels 0` is defined in the spec file, so it 
always overrides my CLI settings

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