URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/718
Title: #718: configure: fix AC_CHECK_LIB usage

lslebodn commented:
A little bit offtopic. It is interesting that you look for the function `main` 
in libkrad. Because it does not exist there. I've just noticed it.
sh# nm --defined-only --dynamic /usr/lib64/libkrad.so
0000000000000000 A HIDDEN
0000000000000000 A krad_0_MIT
0000000000002540 T krad_attr_name2num
00000000000025d0 T krad_attr_num2name
0000000000002780 T krad_attrset_add
0000000000002850 T krad_attrset_add_number
0000000000002a00 T krad_attrset_copy
00000000000028b0 T krad_attrset_del
00000000000026a0 T krad_attrset_free
0000000000002990 T krad_attrset_get
0000000000002630 T krad_attrset_new
0000000000003310 T krad_client_free
00000000000032a0 T krad_client_new
0000000000003380 T krad_client_send
00000000000036c0 T krad_code_name2num
0000000000003750 T krad_code_num2name
0000000000003940 T krad_packet_bytes_needed
0000000000003f70 T krad_packet_decode_request
0000000000004040 T krad_packet_decode_response
00000000000041a0 T krad_packet_encode
00000000000039c0 T krad_packet_free
0000000000004220 T krad_packet_get_attr
00000000000041e0 T krad_packet_get_code
0000000000003b20 T krad_packet_new_request
0000000000003e10 T krad_packet_new_response

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