URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/738
Title: #738: restore: restart gssproxy after restore

frozencemetery commented:
The systemd-portable way to do this is as I understand it is `systemctl 
try-reload-or-restart gssproxy` (unless you want to start it if it's not 
running, at which point you'd do `systemctl reload-or-restart gssproxy`).  Then 
you're not dependent on how the distro maintainer decides to handle it (which 
varies between distros here due to reasons).

That is something of an orthogonal consideration though - digging further into 
the code, it doesn't look like there's a `reload`-style verb of any kind in the 
services abstraction layer?  (I see `is_running()` and `restart()`, but no 
`reload()` in services.py.)  I don't know how you want to address this; whether 
it makes sense to extend the abstraction, or whether since no one else uses it 
gssproxy can just be `restart`ed.

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