On 04/27/2017 02:19 PM, Christian Heimes wrote:
On 2017-04-27 14:00, Martin Bašti wrote:
I would like to discuss consequences of adding kdc URI records:

1. basically all ipa clients enrolled using autodiscovery will use
kdcproxy instead of KDC on port 88, because URI takes precedence over
SRV in KRB5 client implementation. Are we ok with such a big change?

Does the client also prefer KKDCP if you give the Kerberos 88/UDP and
88/TCP URIs a higher priority than the KKDCP HTTPS URIs?

2. probably client installer must be updated because currently with
CA-full installation it is not working.

ipa-client-install (with autodiscovery) failed on kinit, see KRB5_TRACE
bellow that it refuses self signed certificate

Actually it is not a self-sigend EE certificate. The validation message
is bogus because FreeIPA TLS configuration is slightly buggy. We send
the trust anchor (root CA) although a server should not include its
trust anchor in its ServerHello message. OpenSSL detects an untrusted
root CA in the ServerHello peer chain and emits the message.

If I read the 600 lines (!) function ipaclient.install.client._install
correctly, then ipa-client-install first attempts to negotiate a TGT and
then installs the trust anchor in the global trust store. It should be
enough to reverse the order and inject the trust anchor first.


By reading this, even if we do the change in client install, I'd rather not generate the DNS records in 4.5.1 release and rather make sure that everything works during 4.6 development.

The reason is that there might also be something else not working and it is better to time test it + the fix would not fix older clients.

If anybody wants to use/try it, then the records can be created manually.
Petr Vobornik

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