On 04/29/2017 02:07 AM, Adam Williamson wrote:
Hi folks! I thought this might be of interest to the FreeIPA community,
so I thought I'd write it up here in case anyone missed it elsewhere.


Until recently we ran these tests only on Fedora's nightly development
release distribution composes. Recently, though, we deployed some
enhancements to our openQA setup that let us run tests on Fedora
distribution updates as well, and have the results made visible through
the Fedora update system (Bodhi). The tests are automatically run on
any critical path package, and as of today, they are also run on any
update containing any of a manually-tended list of FreeIPA-related


This means that for any Fedora update containing one of these or any
critical path package, Fedora's openQA FreeIPA tests should run, and
you should see the results in the Fedora update system (Bodhi). You can
see the results in Bodhi by clicking the Automated Updates tab for any
update. For instance, here's a recent 389-ds-base update for Fedora 26:


If you look at the Automated Tests tab, you can see passes for:


indicating that this update didn't cause any problems for FreeIPA.
Clicking on any test result will take you to the openQA page for the
test, where you can diagnose failures and so on (explaining how to do
this is a bit beyond the scope of this mail, please do ask me if you're

This is really great.

I hope this stuff will help us avoid shipping updates that break
FreeIPA (and other key components). If you have any questions,
concerns, comments, or suggestions, please do ask!

Note, if you're interested in the results for the nightly Fedora
distribution composes, an email summary of the results for those is
sent each time they're run to the Fedora test@ and devel@ lists, look
for mails with "compose check report" in the subject. Any time any of
the FreeIPA tests fails, the failure will be listed in the mail (passed
tests are not specifically listed, just a count of them). I usually
keep an eye on those results and analyze failures and file bugs,

Is there a way now to check current state of current Fedoras automatically using a script - e.g. avoid parsing mailing list or going through runs in OpenQA?

Petr Vobornik

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