URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/768
Author: Rezney
 Title: #768: Ticket#6854 caless
Action: opened

PR body:
What was done?

1.) caless-create-pki

The script was kind of merged with 
https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa-tools/blob/master/makepki.sh. Standa took 
care of PKINIT certificates generation so that write_chain() function was 
introduced which handles cert chain in the pkcs12 files and also reverse chanin 
order for openssl command.

Then gen_pkinit_extensions() and gen_pkinit_cert() are handling the PKINIT 
certificate generation. See 
https://web.mit.edu/kerberos/krb5-1.13/doc/admin/pkinit.html for details.

2.) test_caless.py

As the tests are currently failing due to the pkinit option not provided 
"pkinit_pin, pkinit_pkcs12_exists and pkinit_pkcs12" parameters were added to 
both install_server() and prepare_replica methods and particular options are 
added to installator. Then copy_pkinit() is handling pkinit certs transfer.

TestPKINIT class contains test_server_replica_install_pkinit() test which 
checks both server and replica install with pkinit for a starter.

Eventually added "raiseonerr=False" to ipa_certs_cleanup() cause tests were 
failing there but that whole workaround for ticket 4639 will be removed in 
different commit.

What can be improved? (at least what I am aware of)

Currently pkinit certificates are not inside nss db so we copy it separately 
(we could also move it to certdir and copy as whole). Tried to put it there 
with pk12util but the certs were getting nicknames from openssl friendly names 
(I guess). Added -name parameter to "openssl pkcs12 -export" command and the 
nicknames were fine (e.g. "ca1/pkinit-server" after certuril -L) however after 
the "caless-create-pki" script was done all pkinit cert nicknames were just 
prefixed with "ca1/" (instead of ca1/ ca2/ etc.).

Issues found:

Replica install with pkinit is not failing anymore with "Certificate issuance 
failed (CA_UNREACHABLE)", however the ERROR message is still presented:

[ipa.ipatests.pytest_plugins.integration.host.Host.vm-021.cmd26]   [1/1]: 
installing X509 Certificate for PKINIT
[ipa.ipatests.pytest_plugins.integration.host.Host.vm-021.cmd26] ipa         : 
ERROR    PKINIT certificate request failed: Certificate issuance failed 
[ipa.ipatests.pytest_plugins.integration.host.Host.vm-021.cmd26] ipa         : 
ERROR    Failed to configure PKINIT
[ipa.ipatests.pytest_plugins.integration.host.Host.vm-021.cmd26] Done 
configuring Kerberos KDC (krb5kdc).
[ipa.ipatests.pytest_plugins.integration.host.Host.vm-021.cmd26] Applying LDAP 
[ipa.ipatests.pytest_plugins.integration.host.Host.vm-021.cmd26] Upgrading 
IPA:. Estimated time: 1 minute 30 seconds
[ipa.ipatests.pytest_plugins.integration.host.Host.vm-021.cmd26]   [1/9]: 
stopping directory server

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