Roland Kaeser wrote:
> Hello
> I found the FreeIPA Project during a search for a new
> Identity-Management system for our new system infrastructure. During a
> pilot test I found that it looks very good and promising, but it
> should have the functionality of handling mailrouting and samba
> passwords. As I read, the 2.0 version should come with these features.
> So, my question: Is there a fixed roadmap for the 2.0 version? 
Can you please provide a little bit more details about the features you
are expecting.
I just want to be sure that what we are building matches your expectations.

There is no fixed road map but we are actively working on v2.
There are a lot of loose ends that we need to tie up together before the
actual release.
We are working towards Alpha 2 or  Beta 1 (depending on how smoothly the
integration goes).
I would say we are talking about March-April time frame for the GA of
FreeIPA 2.0.
If we manage to release it earlier would be great but things usually
take more time than expected.

Thank you,
Dmitri Pal

> It would be very nice having a such tool, specially from redhat by
> which I know from long years experience that it makes good, reliable
> and secure software.
> Kind regards
> Roland Kaeser
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