Darko Hojnik wrote:
Hello List

On a German Debian List i have read the hopefully idle rumour that
Redhat will cancel the development of Free-IPA. The Information isn't
true right? I hope it, but better i ask :)

The reports are not true. We're hard at work on the next version.

I like the usability of Mandriva Directory Server more, but Mandriva is
remembrance if the last years so I think since 2002 realy on the verge
of bankruptcy. They will be the day where the Future of Mandriva will
end. So I have got take a look on Free-IPA. I think that's it for a
Project of mine there will end so on the End of 2017.
What i'm missing on Free-IPA is a management of Userquota for File and
Emailservices. Will that be availeble maybe on the next relaise?

I'm not sure how IPA could manage filesystem quotas. Is there an LDAP schema for quotas?

What sort of e-mail management are you looking for?



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