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The SSSD team is proud to announce the latest bugfix release of the
System Security Services Daemon. As always, the latest tarball can be
found at https://fedorahosted.org/sssd/

== Highlights ==
 * Fixes for support of FreeIPA v2
 * Fixes for failover if DNS entries change
 * Improved sss_obfuscate tool with better interactive mode
 * Fix several crash bugs
 * Don't attempt to use START_TLS over SSL. Some LDAP servers can't
handle this
 * Delete users from the local cache if initgroups calls return 'no such
user' (previously only worked for getpwnam/getpwuid)
 * Use new Transifex.net translations
 * Better support for automatic TGT renewal (now survives restart)
 * Support for new libldb 1.0.x
 * Netgroup fixes

== Detailed Changelog ==

Gowrishankar Rajaiyan (2):
 * removing password option functionality
 * updating sss_obfuscate man page accordingly

Jakub Hrozek (6):
 * Use realm for basedn instead of IPA domain
 * Reset server status after timeout
 * Prevent segfault in failover code
 * Always expire host name resolution
 * Run callbacks if server IP changes
 * Mention Samba libraries URLs in BUILD.txt

Simo Sorce (1):
 * Check that the socket is really ours before attempting to close it.

Stephen Gallagher (16):
 * Update version to 1.5.2dev
 * Sanitize search filters for nested group lookups
 * Make the domain argument mandatory in sss_obfuscate
 * Gracefully handle permission errors in sss_obfuscate
 * Make SSSDConfig API configuration readable
 * Only print "no matching service rule" when appropriate
 * Verify LDAP file descriptor validity
 * Do not attempt to use START_TLS on SSL connections
 * Point the IPA provider at the compat tree for netgroups
 * Remove cached user entry if initgroups returns ENOENT
 * Perform initgroups lookups for all domains
 * IPA provider: remove deleted groups during initgroups()
 * Allow krb5_realm to override ipa_domain
 * Add krb5_realm to the basic IPA options
 * Fix uninitialized value error in ipa_get_id_options()
 * Updating translations for 1.5.2 release

Sumit Bose (9):
 * Fix for generating lists of translated man pages
 * Remove renewal item if it is not re-added
 * Check ccache file for renewable TGTs at startup
 * Do not try to delete sysbd memberOf attribute
 * Fixes for dynamic DNS update
 * Add missing name to struct getent_ctx for missing netgroup
 * Refactor set_netgroup_entry()
 * Change state of hash entry if netgroup cannot be parsed
 * Release handle if not connected

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