The SSSD team is proud to announce the release of the version 1.5.6
bugfix release of the System Security Services Daemon. This release
fixes a few serious issues and is a recommended update for all users of
the 1.5.x series.

As always, it can be downloaded at

== Highlights ==
 * Fixed a serious memory leak in the memberOf plugin
 * Fixed a regression with the negative cache that caused it to be
essentially nonfunctional
 * Fixed an issue where the user's full name would sometimes be removed
from the cache
 * Fixed an issue with password changes in the kerberos provider not
working with kpasswd

== Detailed Changelog ==

Simo Sorce (2):
 * memberof: fix calculation of replaced members
 * memberof: free delete operation payload once done

Stephen Gallagher (7):
 * Never remove gecos from the sysdb cache
 * Do not throw a DP error when failing to delete a nonexistent entity
 * Add debug logging to the negative cache
 * Fix a regression with the negative cache in multi-domain
 * Fix regression where nonexistent entries were never added to the
negative cache
 * Bumping version to 1.5.6
 * Always generate kpasswdinfo file

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