The SSSD team is proud to announce the release of the version 1.5.8
bugfix and enhancement release of the System Security Services Daemon.
This release fixes several bugs and is a recommended update for all
users of the 1.5.x series.

As always, it can be downloaded at

== Highlights ==
 * Support for the LDAP paging control
 * Support for multiple DNS servers for name resolution
 * Fixes for several group membership bugs
 * Fixes for rare crash bugs

== Detailed Changelog ==
Jakub Hrozek (2):
 * Set c-ares to retry nameservers
 * Only save members for successfully saved groups

Simo Sorce (1):
 * clients: use poll instead of select

Stephen Gallagher (5):
 * Make "password" the default for ldap_default_authtok_type
 * simple provider: Don't treat primary GID lookup failures as fatal
 * Enable paging support for LDAP
 * IPA Provider: don't fail if user is not a member of any groups
 * Add more detail to ldap_uri manpage entry

Sumit Bose (2):
 * Return pam data to the renewal item if renewal fails
 * Sanitize username during initgroups call

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