The SSSD team is proud to announce the latest bugfix and enhancement
release to the long-term maintenance 1.5.x branch of the System Security
Services Daemon.

As always, it can be downloaded from

== Highlights ==

=== New Features ===
 * Support for overriding home directory, shell and primary GID locally
 * Properly honor TTL values from SRV record lookups
 * Support non-POSIX groups in nested group chains (for RFC2307bis LDAP

=== Important Bugfixes ===
 * Properly escape IPv6 addresses in the failover code
 * Do not crash if inotify fails (e.g. resource exhaustion)
 * Don't add multiple TGT renewal callbacks (too many log messages)

== Detailed Changelog ==
Jakub Hrozek (15):
 * Add utility function to return IP address as string
 * Add a utility function to escape IPv6 address for use in URIs
 * Use escaped IP addresses in LDAP provider
 * Escape IPv6 IP addresses in the IPA provider
 * Add a new option to override primary GID number
 * Add a new option to override home directory value
 * Add new options to override shell value
 * Add new resolv_hostent data structure and utility functions
 * Resolve hosts by name from files into resolv_hostent
 * Resolve hosts by name from DNS into resolv_hostent
 * Switch resolver to using resolv_hostent and honor TTL
 * Provide TTL structure names for c-ares < 1.7
 * Test NULL server hostname in fail over tests
 * Log nsupdate message
 * Don't pass NULL to printf for TLS errors

Jan Zeleny (4):
 * Added sysdb_attrs_get_bool() function
 * Non-posix group processing - sysdb changes
 * Non-posix group processing - ldap provider and nss responder
 * Fall back to polling when inotify fails

Kaushik Banerjee (1):
 * Changing default to Default for consistency

Stephen Gallagher (6):
 * Update version to 1.5.9
 * Fix typo in initgroups negative cache check
 * Ensure that SSSD always Requires: the primary-arch sssd-client
 * Fix bad merge
 * Clear up -Wunused-but-set-variable warnings
 * Updating translation files for SSSD 1.5.9

Sumit Bose (7):
 * Add online callback only once for TGT renewal
 * Delete cached ccache file if password is expired
 * Do not check pwdAttribute
 * Add sockaddr_storage to sdap_service
 * Add sdap_call_conn_cb() to call add connection callback directly
 * Use name based URI instead of IP address based URIs
 * Use ldap_init_fd() instead of ldap_initialize() if available

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