My 2 cents....

IPA doesnt really centralise to AD, if you want to go that way, ie directly to 
AD then you want 3rd party products like Centrify, Likewise or Quest Enterprise 
class software as far as I can see. Be prepared to be stung in licence fees 
however, we looked at all three and even at educational pricing it made our 
eyes water, didnt think much of the management aspects either......

Otherwise you use FreeIPA with password sync to AD.......and the authorisation 
is in IPA.....far better IMHO.

If want to deploy IPA server then your only enterprise option is to do so on 
RHEL 6.2 64 bit which is out early next month...(is the date official yet?)  at 
that point my understanding is you get full support from RH support.

RHEL6.2beta is out which allows you to play and do a proof of 
concept....documentation is pretty good.......

I have been playing with it for 6 months and I am happy enough to deploy it in 
my environment. As with any early tech there will be bugs and issues to work 
through....in effect you will be pretty bleeding edge...some enterprises dont 
want to be that close.....but my impression so far is we will take that risk as 
this is the best piece of software for authentication and authorisation for 
linux I have ever seen......its downright easy......almost AD like....and ease 
of use is very important......not evaluating it would be a mistake IMHO.


Steven Jones

Technical Specialist - Linux RHCE

Victoria University, Wellington, NZ

0064 4 463 6272

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I am a consultant for Verizon and have been tasked with determining the best 
technology for centralizing authentication for Red Hat servers to the Microsoft 
AD servers.  I have looked at IPA and the JBoss presentation reads well, but 
I’d like to know if IPA is ready for use in the corporate environment.

If it is ready, what is the best distribution for hosting IPA?  RHEL 6.1, RHEL 
6.2b, Fedora, ???

Looking forward to your rely.

Thomas Griffing

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