The SSSD team is proud to announce the version 1.7.0 enhancement release
of the System Security Services Daemon.

As always, it can be downloaded from

== Highlights ==
 * Support for case-insensitive domains
 * Support for multiple search bases in the LDAP provider
 * Support for the native FreeIPA netgroup implementation
 * Reliability improvements to the process monitor
 * New DEBUG facility with more consistent log levels
 * New tool to change debug log levels without restarting SSSD
 * SSSD will now disconnect from LDAP server when idle
 * FreeIPA HBAC rules can choose to ignore srchost options for
significant performance gains
 * Assorted performance improvements in the LDAP provider (reducing
disk-writes to the cache)
 * '''Experimental''' support for looking up SUDO rules in ldap
  * Not built by default
  * Requires unreleased sudo binary. Very preliminary functionality.
 * '''Experimental''' support for Heimdal Kerberos implementation

== Detailed Changelog ==

Jakub Hrozek (89):
 * pyhbac: Do not convert int to bool
 * Fix returning groups when gidNumber attribute is not ordered
 * Prevent segfault if vetoed_shells are specified without
 * Remove unused temporary context
 * Handle errno properly in set_debug_file_from_fd()
 * Do not delete requests inside hash_iterate loop
 * Handle timeout during sss_ldap_init_send
 * IPA dyndns: do not segfault if the server cannot be resolved
 * Return the first value of name if the multivalued name attribute does
not match RDN
 * Add LDAP provider option to set LDAP_OPT_X_SASL_NOCANON
 * Use the default Kerberos realm for LDAP with GSSAPI auth
 * Fix moving to next entry in deref code
 * Allow turning dereference off by setting the threshold to 0
 * Change libnl monitor callback to only signal going online
 * Discard carrier messages from non-ethernet devices
 * Subscribe to netlink route and addr messages
 * Improve error message for LDAP password constraint violation
 * Keep deref controls until the whole request is finished
 * Fix uninitialized pointer read in sdap_gssapi_get_default_realm()
 * Fix wrong buffer size in has_phy_80211_subdir()
 * Multiline macro cleanup
 * IPA access: hostname comparison should be case-insensitive
 * Add sysdb interface to get name aliases
 * Add a sysdb_get_direct_parents function
 * Store name aliases for users, groups
 * Return users and groups based on alias
 * Use explicit base 10 for converting strings to integers
 * Fix typo in sysdb_get_direct_parents
 * Add option to follow symlinks to check_file()
 * Append PID to sbus server socket name, let clients use a symlink
 * Streamline the example config
 * Check if dp_requests hash table exists before using it
 * Fix off-by-one error in remove_socket_symlink()
 * Report on errno, not return code in create_socket_symlink
 * Add a missing break
 * Sanitize DN in sysdb_get_direct_parents
 * gitignore additions
 * Utility functions for LDAP nested schema initgroups
 * Use fewer transactions during RFC2307bis initgroups
 * Use fewer transactions during IPA initgroups
 * Cancel transactions correctly during initgroups
 * Plug memory leaks in LDAP provider
 * Plug memory leaks in sysdb_ops
 * Do not leak hash table iterator during proxy auth
 * resolver: Free the whole hostent structure
 * RFC2307bis initgroups: fix nested groups processing
 * Steal result onto mem_ctx in sdap_initgr_nested_get_direct_parents
 * Use LDAPDerefSpec properly
 * Remove confusing do-while loop
 * Fix segfault in sdap_get_initgr_user
 * Use correct state struct in sdap_initgr_rfc2307bis_next_base
 * configAPI: Fix removing in old domain when saving a new domain
 * Squash transactions in sdap_initgr_common_store
 * Use one transaction instead of two during RFC2307bis group processing
 * Prevent printing NULL in several places of LDAP provider
 * Cleanup: Remove unused parameters
 * Fix sdap_id_ctx/ipa_id_ctx mismatch in IPA provider
 * Provide means of forcing TLS and GSSAPI enabled/disabled for sdap
 * IPA migration fixes
 * Fix two small bugs in group dereferencing
 * Use dereference during IPA provider initgroups
 * Pass the correct private data into Data Provider callback
 * Always attempt to connect in sdap_async_sys_connect_done
 * LDAP provider: Error while setting the nocanon option should not be
 * Cancel ping_check if service goes away
 * sss_utf8_tolower utility function+unit tests
 * Responders: Split getting domain by name into separate function
 * Canonicalize username in PAM provider
 * Use the case sensitivity flag in responders
 * Refactor saving sdap entities
 * sysdb_get_real_name helper function
 * Use the case sensitivity flag in the LDAP provider
 * Use the case sensitivity flag in the simple access provider
 * Use the case sensitivity flag in the proxy provider
 * Export the function to convert ldb_result to sysdb_attrs
 * SUDO Integration - sysdb interface
 * SUDO Integration - LDAP provider - save sudo rules functions
 * SUDO Integration - responder - get sudo rules logic
 * DP: Remove processed callbacks
 * Pass client context to sss_dp_get_account_send
 * Pass sdap_id_ctx to online check from IPA provider
 * Error out if local domain is case insensitive
 * Resolver: Introduce a per-request timeout
 * Do not touch resolve_service_state in fo_resolve_service_done
 * Failover: Introduce a per-service timeout
 * Save original memberof, not memberof
 * sss_get_cased_name utility function
 * Return user and group names lowercased in case insensitive domains
 * Honor case sensitive flag when creating the ccname template

Jan Zeleny (37):
 * sysdb refactoring: renamed ctx variable to sysdb
 * Added sysdb_ctx_get_domain function
 * sysdb refactoring: deleted domain variables in sysdb API
 * sysdb refactoring: memory context deleted
 * Remaining memory context variables renamed
 * sdap_async_accounts.c split
 * Confusing part of code cleared out
 * Moved some functions in sdap_async_groups
 * Moved some functions in sdap_async_initgroups
 * Fixed bad logic in processing netgroups in LDAP provider
 * man page fix (lists are comma-separated)
 * Fixed timeout handling in responders
 * Added krb5_fast_principal to SSSDConfig API
 * Cleanup of unused function in ldap access provider
 * Add wrapper for krb5_get_init_creds_opt_set_canonicalize
 * Add support to request canonicalization on krb AS requests
 * Support to request canonicalization in LDAP/IPA provider
 * Handle group renaming correctly
 * Fixed possible resource leak in get_uid_from_pid()
 * Fixed possible resource leak in create_mail_spool()
 * Fixed empty loginShell in proxy provider
 * Fixed unchecked value of setenv() in check_and_export_options()
 * Renamed some LDAP routines
 * Modified sdap_parse_search_base()
 * Added and modified options for IPA netgroups
 * New IPA ID context
 * Added support for fetching netgroups in IPA provider
 * Added IPA account info handler
 * Fixed a typo in sysdb_upgrade_07() declaration
 * Fixed uninitialized pointer read in netgroups processing
 * Fixed logically dead code in netgroup processing
 * Add ipa_hbac_support_srchost option to IPA provider
 * Fixed an error in macro for merging double linked lists
 * Fixed incorrect return code in PAM client
 * Add ldap_sasl_minssf option
 * Fixed IPA netgroup processing
 * Deleted declaration of nss_get_dom()

Krzysztof Klimonda (1):
 * Fix FTBFS related to -Werror=format-security

Marko Myllynen (4):
 * Add missing options to sssd.api.conf
 * Unbreak ./configure
 * Update sssd-example.conf
 * Typo fixes

Pavel Březina (35):
 * debug_timestamps fixes
 * Fixed implicit declaration of function 'time' in
 * New DEBUG facility - new levels
 * New DEBUG facility - modified DEBUG
 * New DEBUG facility - conversion
 * New DEBUG facility - man pages
 * New DEBUG facility - unit tests
 * New DEBUG facility - SSSDBG_UNRESOLVED changed from -1 to 0
 * --debug-timestamps=1 is not passed to providers
 * sss_ldap_err2string() - function created
 * sss_ldap_err2string() - ldap_err2string() to sss_ldap_err2string()
 * sss_debuglevel - change the debug levels on the fly
 * DEBUG timestamps offer higher precision
 * DEBUG timestamps offer higher precision - man page updated
 * DEBUG timestamps offer higher precision - unit tests updated
 * DEBUG timestamps offer higher precision - SSSDConfig updated
 * Added quiet option to pam_sss
 * SysDB commands that save lastUpdate allows this value to be passed in
 * Fixes debug-tests.c coverity issues: NEGATIVE_RETURNS, FORWARD_NULL
 * sss_cli.h - fix: function declaration after the header guard
 * Added sssd --version option
 * Added sss_ldap_dn_in_search_bases()
 * Support search bases in RFC2307bis enumeration
 * Support search bases in netgroup members translation
 * SUDO integration - client common interface
 * SUDO integration - data provider backend handler
 * SUDO Integration - LDAP configuration options
 * SUDO integration - LDAP provider
 * SUDO Integration - responder
 * SUDO Integration - API for sudo
 * SUDO Integration - pseudo client for testing
 * Logically dead code in sdap_nested_group_lookup_group
 * Use of uninitialized value in sss_ldap_dn_in_search_bases
 * SUDO Integration - be_sudo_req removed from sudo_ctx
 * SUDO Integration - fixed memory leak in sdap_sudo_handler()

Pavel Zuna (2):
 * Fix small bug where TALLOC_CTX could end up unfreed.
 * Add common SIGCHLD handling for providers.

Ralf Haferkamp (1):
 * Allow the O_NONBLOCK flag to be reset correctly

Simo Sorce (1):
 * Set more strict permissions on keyring

Stephen Gallagher (74):
 * Bumping version to 1.7.0
 * Revert "Allow LDAP to decide when an expiration warning is warranted"
 * Rename sssd.conf to sssd-example.conf
 * Include the configuration file as a %ghost entry
 * Remove private shared object Provides: for and
 * Cancel sysdb upgrade transaction if commit fails
 * Fix potential double-free issue
 * Fix broken RHEL5 build
 * Use sysdb attribute name for GID, not LDAP attribute
 * HBAC: Handle saving groups that have no members
 * HBAC: Use of hostgroups for targethost or sourcehost was broken
 * HBAC: Properly skip all non-group memberOf entries
 * Add option to specify the kerberos replay cache dir
 * Fix typo in %configure
 * Remove all libtool .la files from RPM
 * Improve documentation of libipa_hbac
 * Add libipa_hbac documentation to the -devel package
 * MONITOR: Correctly detect lack of response from services
 * Do not build documentation on RHEL 5
 * Fix typo in specfile
 * MAN: Add more information about internal credential storage
 * Enable the midpoint cache update by default
 * HBAC: fix typos preventing proper hostgroup evaluation
 * SYSDB: New source file for sysdb upgrade routines
 * HBAC: Do not save member/memberOf links
 * HBAC: Use originalMember for identifying servicegroups
 * HBAC: Use originalMember for identifying hostgroups
 * BUILDSYS: Fix --without-manpages
 * TOOLS: Do not leak pid_file handle on error
 * MONITOR: fix timeout conversion
 * Updating translation files
 * SSSDConfig: Handle integer parsing more leniently
 * Remove unused sdap_options attributes
 * Fix size return for split_on_separator()
 * Make sdap_get_id_specific_filter() more strict
 * LDAP: Add parser for multiple search bases
 * LDAP: Support multiple user search bases (non-enumeration)
 * LDAP: Support multiple netgroup search bases
 * LDAP: Support multiple group search bases (non-enumeration, RFC2307)
 * LDAP: Add multiple search bases for initgroups (users)
 * LDAP: Add multiple search bases for initgroups (RFC2307 groups)
 * LDAP: Add multiple search bases for initgroups (RFC2307bis groups)
 * LDAP: Update manpages with multiple search base information
 * LDAP: Convert ldap_*_search_filter
 * LDAP: Add support for multiple search bases for user enumeration
 * LDAP: Add support for multiple search bases for group enumeration
 * RESPONDER: Fix segfault in sss_packet_send()
 * SYSDB: add index for nameAlias
 * Periodic translation file update
 * LDAP: Remove redundant groups from the lookup list
 * SBUS: Fix DEBUG log matching
 * RESPONDER: Ensure that all input strings are valid UTF-8
 * SYSDB: Make ENOENT log messages less threatening
 * Fix broken build due to commit of IPA netgroup support
 * Add -fno-strict-aliasing
 * LDAP: Try next failover server on any error
 * RESPONDER: Refactor DP requests into tevent_req style
 * Allow using Glib for UTF8 support
 * Ignore NULL-terminator when checking UTF8-validity
 * LDAP: Fix missing break statements in force_tls
 * Ignore NULL-terminator when checking UTF8-validity for netgroups
 * Fix potential resource leak in backup_file.c
 * Fix uninitialized value error in ipa_netgroups.c
 * Add sdap_connection_expire_timeout option
 * Update spec file to build with Glib on RHEL 5
 * Fix typo in IPA SSSDConfig file
 * Move child_common routines to util
 * Reorder pidfile() function to guarantee NULL-termination
 * Securely set umask when using mkstemp
 * Update translations for string freeze
 * MONITOR: use sigchld handler for monitoring SSSD services
 * PAM: make initgroups timeout work across multiple clients
 * Add compatibility layer for Heimdal Kerberos implementation
 * Importing new translations for 1.7.0 release

Sumit Bose (2):
 * Improve password policy error code and message
 * Do not access memory out of bounds

Thorsten Scherf (1):
 * Fixed translation bug

Yuri Chornoivan (2):
 * Fix two man page typos
 * Fix typos in manual pages

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