We missed two patches (that had translation string impact) and we
weren't building properly on older systems like RHEL 5. As a result,
we're releasing beta 2 of 1.8.0 today to correct this.

As always, you can download the source at https://fedorahosted.org/sssd

Packages for Fedora Rawhide/17 coming later today.

== Highlights ==
 * Fix two minor manpage bugs
 * Include the IPA AutoFS provider

== Detailed Changelog ==
Jakub Hrozek (3):
 * Fix SSH compilation on RHEL5
 * AUTOFS: IPA provider
 * Two sssd-ldap manual pages fixes

Stephen Gallagher (2):
 * Updating translations
 * Bumping version to 1.8.0 beta2

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