The SSSD team is proud to announce the bugfix release of the System
Security Services Daemon version 1.8.1

As usual, the source can be downloaded at

Packages for Fedora will be built later today and should appear in
updates-testing within two days.

== Highlights ==
 * Resolve issue where we could enter an infinite loop trying to connect
to an auth server
 * Fix serious issue with complex (3+ levels) nested groups
 * Fix netgroup support for case-insensitivity and aliases
 * Fix serious issue with lookup bundling resulting in requests never
 * IPA provider will now check the value of nsAccountLock during
pam_acct_mgmt in addition to pam_authenticate
 * Fix several regressions in the proxy provider

== Detailed Changelog ==
Jakub Hrozek (12):
 * Use proper errno code
 * Only do one cycle when resolving a server
 * krb5_child: set debugging sooner
 * Search netgroups by alias, too
 * Detect cycle in the fail over on subsequent resolve requests only
 * Autofs: operate on contents of double-pointer, not address
 * Only free returned values on success
 * Save original name into the in-memory cache
 * Handle errors from lookup_netgr_step gracefully
 * Fix nested groups processing
 * Fix netgroup error handling
 * Handle empty elements in proxy netgroups:

Jan Cholasta (1):
 * Include missing source files to the list of source files which
contain translatable strings

Jan Zeleny (5):
 * Fix the script path
 * Fixed uninitialized pointer in SSH known host proxy
 * Fixed uninitialized pointer in SSH authorized keys client
 * Add umask before mkstemp() call in SSH responder
 * Fixed resource leak in ssh client code

Pavel Březina (6):
 * Hide --debug option in sss_debuglevel
 * Two memory leaks in sss_sudo_get_values
 * Missing debug message if sdap_sudo_refresh_set_timer fails
 * Use of unininitialized value in sudosrv_cache_set_entry and
 * Use of unininitialized value in sss_sudo_parse_response
 * Potential NULL-dereference in sudosrv_cmd_get_sudorules

Simo Sorce (1):
 * Use the correct hash table for pending requests

Stephen Gallagher (20):
 * Bump version to 1.8.1
 * Fix typo in autofs option description
 * Include the debug_level upgrade tool in the tarball
 * Include new manpages in translations
 * Updating translations for SSSD 1.8.1
 * Fix typo in script name
 * Handle cases where UID is -1
 * IPA: Set the DNS discovery domain to match ipa_domain
 * IPA: Fix segfault with srchost functionality enabled
 * DP: Reorganize memory hierarchy of requests
 * Prune python provides correctly
 * Make RPM spec more explicit
 * Build experimental features by default in RPMs
 * Properly terminate GIT_CHECKOUT
 * LDAP: Make sdap_access_send/recv public
 * IPA: Check nsAccountLock during PAM_ACCT_MGMT
 * PROXY: Create fake user entries for group lookups
 * SSH: Fix missing semicolon
 * IPA: Initialize hbac_ctx to NULL
 * i18n: Remove empty translations

Yuri Chornoivan (1):
 * fix typos in manual

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