The SSSD team is proud to announce the bugfix release of the System
Security Services Daemon version 1.8.3.

As usual, the source can be downloaded at

== Highlights ==
 * Numerous manpage and translation updates
 * LDAP: Handle situations where the RootDSE isn't available anonymously
 * LDAP: Fix regression for users using non-standard LDAP attributes for
user information

== Tickets Fixed ==
    sssd.conf man page does not list autofs in the list of known
    Warn on 'make update-po' if there are manpages not listed in
    Unable to lookup user aliases with proxy provider.
    SSSD should attempt to get the RootDSE after binding
    document the possible performance gains of disabling referral
    Inadequate info in man page for "ldap_disable_paging" feature
    No info in sssd manpages for "ldap_sasl_minssf"
    Fix erronous reference to the 'allow' access_provider
    autofs: maximum key name must be PATH_MAX
    sdap_check_aliases must not error when detects the same user
    group members are now lowercased in case insensitive domains
    Auth fails for user with non-default attribute names

== Detailed Changelog ==
Jakub Hrozek (14):
 * man: document that referral chasing might bring performance penalty
 * pam_sss: improve error handling in SELinux code
 * Remove the "command" option from documentation
 * autofs: Raise the maximum key length to PATH_MAX
 * MAN: timeout can be specified for services, too
 * MAN: document the hostid and autofs providers
 * proxy: Canonicalize user and group names
 * proxy: new option proxy_fast_alias
 * sdap_check_aliases must not error when detects the same user
 * Document sss_tools better
 * Get the RootDSE after binding if not successfull before
 * confdb_get_bool needs a TALLOC_CTX in sssd-1.8
 * Lowercase group members in case-insensitive domains
 * Read sysdb attribute name, not LDAP attribute map name

Marco Pizzoli (1):
 * Two manual pages fixes

Pavel Březina (1):
 * sudo api: check sss_status instead of errnop in

Stef Walter (1):
 * Fix erronous reference to the 'allow' access_provider

Stephen Gallagher (6):
 * Bumping version to 1.8.3
 * MAN: Improve ldap_disable_paging documentation
 * MAN: Add ldap_sasl_minssf to the manpage
 * Update translation files
 * Fix typo in translation file
 * Update translations for 1.8.3 release

Yuri Chornoivan (1):
 * Fix typo: retreiving->retrieving

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