The SSSD team is proud to announce the fifth of six preview releases of
version 1.9 of the System Security Services Daemon.

Beta 6 will be released on July 31st and will contain a new tool for
"seeding" accounts with a temporary password for sending machines to
remotees as well as introducing a concept of primary vs. secondary

After Beta 6, no new features will be added to SSSD 1.9.0 and we will
focus on stability and our backlog of bugfixes until the final release
around September 1st. We will most likely issue a series of release
candidate builds prior to that, but these have not yet been scheduled.

As always, you can download the latest sources at

== Highlights ==
 * Many fixes for the support for setting default SELinux user context
   from FreeIPA, most notably fixed the specificity evaluation
 * Fixed an incorrect default in the krb5_canonicalize option of the AD
   provider which was preventing password change operation
 * The shadowLastChange attribute value is now correctly updated with the
   number of days since the Epoch, not seconds

== Tickets Fixed ==
    format of file for pam_selinux is incorrect
    Possible use of uninitialized values
    SELinux rule matching ignores specificity requirement
    Several unowned directories
    sssd incorrectly sets shadowLastChange in seconds not days
    selinux rules are never deleted from sysdb
    When ldap_sasl_minssf is assigned large values, appropriate error message 
should be logged sssd_DOMAIN log

== Detailed Changelog ==

Jakub Hrozek (9):
      * Bumping version to 1.9.0 beta 5
      * Add newline to DEBUG messages
      * RPM: Own several directories
      * Add missing "%" to specfile
      * IPA: Download defaults even if there are no SELinux mappings
      * SYSDB: Delete SELinux mappings
      * IPA: Return and save all SELinux rules in the provider
      * PAM: Fix off-by-one-error in the SELinux session code
      * Update translations for 1.9.0 beta 5 release

Jan Vcelak (1):
      * LDAP: Properly cast type for MINSSF value

Jan Zeleny (3):
      * Fixed wrong number in shadowLastChange
      * Add function sysdb_attrs_copy_values()
      * Modify priority evaluation in SELinux user maps

Michal Zidek (2):
      * Fixed: Unchecked return value from dp_opt_set_int.
      * Fixed: Uninitialized value in krb5_child-test if ccname was specified.

Nick Guay (1):
      * Fix uninitialized values

Pavel Březina (2):
      * resolv_gethostbyname_send: strdup hostname to work properly when 
hostname is allocated on stack
      * sudo test client: avoid SIGSEGV when run without arguments

Stephen Gallagher (2):
      * AD: Add missing DP option terminator
      * AD: Fix defaults for krb5_canonicalize

Yuri Chornoivan (1):
      * Fix typo: exhasution->exhaustion.

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