The realmd and SSSD development teams are happy to invite you to a Fedora
Test Day that will be held on Thursday, May 9th.

We invite you to take part in testing of the new features that will become
available in upcoming upstream releases of realmd and SSSD and would be
a part of Fedora 19. The features are mostly focused on better Active
Directory integration and to some extent easier way of joining clients to
an IPA domain using realmd.

To read more about the test day and suggested tests use the following link

The tests in particular can be previewed using this link:

Even if you do not plan on following the test cases themselves, consider
joining the test day to see if the new realmd or SSSD features are usable
and working in your environment or just to see if your current workflow
is not affected in any way by the recent changes in either SSSD or realmd.

Thank you for your help and participation!

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