The SSSD team is proud to announce the 0.5.0 release of ding-libs
utility library.

It can be downloaded from

== Highlights ==

=== libini_config ===
* This release adds an API to create, modify and save INI files
* Merging configuration snippets installed in different locations is supported

=== libcollection ===
* New functions: `col_get_dup_item`, `col_delete_item_with_cb`, 

== Note for distribution packagers ==
* New public header file `ini_cofigmod.h`
* API and ABI is backward compatible with last release (0.4.0)

== Detailed Changelog ==
Dmitri Pal (22):
      * Print info when array is empty
      * Declaring new internal access check function
      * Refactored access control check
      * New function to merge snippets
      * Test file for unit test
      * [INI] Make the merge function build
      * Function to return one of the dups
      * Allow to modify item name
      * Expose delete with callback function
      * Comment creation helper
      * Comment can be NULL
      * Move definition to common header
      * Fix wrapping error
      * New interface to modify configuration
      * Build new interface
      * Generate doxy doc for INI modification API
      * Cleaning doxygen comments
      * Change order of the headers
      * New interface to save configuration in a file
      * Implementation of the interface to save configuration
      * Unit test for the save interface
      * Build new tests for the save interface

Lukas Slebodnik (10):
      * SPEC: Use correct soname for packages lib{collection,ini_config}
      * SPEC: Do not include compiled files into package libdhash-devel
      * ini_config_ut: enable verbose mode with env variable
      * collection: Add new function col_remove_item_with_cb
      * INI: Fix memory leak with INI_VA_CLEAN
      * COLLECTION: Return the last duplicate for big index
      * INI: Fix adding string with INI_VA_MODADD_E and big index
      * INI: Add check based test ini_configmod_ut_check
      * Bump version-info
      * Update versions before 0.5.0 release

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