The FreeIPA team is proud to announce bind-dyndb-ldap version 9.0.

It can be downloaded from

The new version has also been built for Fedora 24+:

Latest news:

[1] Automatic empty zones conflicting with forward zones with policy 'only'
    are now automatically unloaded. Warning is issued if the conflicting
    forward zone has policy 'first' but the zone is not unloaded.
    Conflict occurs if empty zone and forward zone are super/sub/equal

!!! This changes semantics of data in LDAP.
!!! Users without FreeIPA version 4.3.2+ have to upgrade their data manually.

== Upgrading ==
A server can be upgraded by installing updated RPM. BIND has to be restarted
manually after the RPM installation.

Downgrading back to any 8.x version is supported but automatic empty zone
unload might not happen after downgrade.

FreeIPA users should upgrade to version 4.3.2 or newer to auto-upgrade zone
configuration in LDAP.

== Feedback ==
Please provide comments, report bugs and send any other feedback via the
freeipa-users mailing list:

Petr^2 Spacek

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