A new version of ding-libs was released today!

ding-libs, or "Ding is not GLib" is a a set of helpful libraries used by
projects such as SSSD or gss-proxy.

The tarball can be downloaded from:

== Highlights ==
* libini_config
    * libini now supports validators that check for well-formed INI
      files. Please see the Doxygen documentation for more details on using
      the new functions. The new functions include:
        * ini_rules_read_from_file
        * ini_rules_check
        * ini_rules_destroy
        * ini_errobj_* 

== Note for distribution packagers ==
   * API and ABI is backward compatible with last release (0.5.0) 

== Detailed Changelog ==
Dmitri Pal (1):
    * ini: Add INI_PARSE_IGNORE_NON_KVP flag 

Lukas Slebodnik (6):
    * INI: Enable string format check for ini_errobj_add_msg
    * INI: Extend validator unit test for corner cases
    * INI: Reduce count of argumets for ini_rules_check
    * INI: Prepare for schema validation
    * Bump version-info
    * Update versions before 0.6.0 release 

Michal Židek (6):
    * ini_parse: Add missing TRACE_FLOW_EXIT
    * Add unit test for INI_PARSE_IGNORE_NON_KVP
    * ini: Add infrastructure for validators
    * ini: Add internal validator ini_allowed_options
    * tests: Tests for rules/validators infrastructure
    * ini: Add internal validator allowed_sections 

Robbie Harwood (3):
    * Document ini_config_augment alphabetical file processing
    * Fix comment in ini_augment_ut.c
    * Ensure ding-linbs metapackage depends on libbasicobjects 

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