SSSD 1.15.1

The SSSD team is proud to announce the release of version 1.15.1 of the
System Security Services Daemon.

This is the first release that is available from SSSD's new home
at The tarball can be downloaded from
RPM packages will be made available for Fedora shortly.

Please provide comments, bugs and other feedback via the sssd-devel or
sssd-users mailing lists:

 * Several issues related to starting the SSSD services on-demand via
   socket activation were fixed. In particular, it is no longer possible
   to have a service started both by sssd and socket-activated. Another
   bug which might have caused the responder to start before SSSD started
   and cause issues especially on system startup was fixed.
 * A new 'files' provider was added. This provider mirrors the contents
   of '/etc/passwd' and '/etc/shadow' into the SSSD database. The purpose
   of this new provider is to make it possible to use SSSD's interfaces,
   such as the D-Bus interface for local users and enable leveraging the
   in-memory fast cache for local users as well, as a replacement for `nscd`.
   In future, we intend to extend the D-Bus interface to also provide setting
   and retrieving additional custom attributes for the files users.
 * SSSD now autogenerates a fallback configuration that enables the
   files domain if no SSSD configuration exists. This allows distributions
   to enable the 'sssd' service when the SSSD package is installed. Please
   note that SSSD must be build with the configuration option
   '--enable-files-domain' for this functionality to be enabled.
 * Support for public-key authentication with Kerberos (PKINIT) was
   added. This support will enable users who authenticate with a Smart Card
   to obtain a Kerberos ticket during authentication.

Packaging Changes
 * The new files provider comes as a new shared library ''
   and a new manual page
 * A new helper binary called 'sssd_check_socket_activated_responders'
   was added. This binary is used in the 'ExecStartPre' directive to check
   if the service that corresponds to socket about to be started was also
   started explicitly and abort the socket startup if it was.

Documentation Changes
 * A new PAM module option 'prompt_always' was added. This option is
   related to fixing which
   changed the behaviour of the PAM module so that 'pam_sss' always
   uses an auth token that was on stack. The new 'prompt_always' option
   makes it possible to restore the previous behaviour.

Tickets Fixed
 * - When sssd.conf is missing, create 
one with id_provider=files 
 * - Improve successful Dynamic DNS 
update log messages
 * - sssd doesn't update PTR records if 
A/PTR zones are configured as non-secure and secure 
 * - Use the same logic for matching GC 
results in initgroups and user lookups 
 * - handle default_domain_suffix for 
ssh requests with default_domain_suffix 
 * - Implement a files provider to 
mirror the contents of /etc/passwd and /etc/groups 
 * - [RFE] Add PKINIT support to SSSD 
Kerberos proivder 
 * - Socket activation of SSSD doesn't 
work and leads to chaos 
 * - SSSD does not start if using only 
the local provider and services line is empty 
 * - Avoid running two instances of the 
same service 
 * - Coverity warns about an unused 
value in IPA sudo code 
 * - cache_req should use an negative 
cache entry for UPN based lookups 
 * - Don't prompt for password if there 
is already one on the stack 
 * - Reuse cache_req() in responder code 

Detailed Changelog
 * Fabiano Fidêncio (11):
   * IFP: Update ifp_iface_generated.c
   * MONITOR: Wrap up sending sd_notify "ready" into a new function
   * MONITOR: Don't timeout if using local provider + socket-activated 
   * MONITOR: Don't return an error in case we fail to register a service
   * SYSTEMD: Add "After=sssd.service" to the responders' sockets units
   * SYSTEMD: Avoid starting a responder socket in case SSSD is not started
   * SYSTEMD: Don't mix up responders' socket and monitor activation
   * SYSTEMD: Force responders to refuse manual start
   * CACHE_REQ: Add cache_req_data_set_bypass_cache()
   * PAM: Use cache_req to perform initgroups lookups
   * TESTS: Adapt pam-srv-tests to deal with cache_req related changes
 * Jakub Hrozek (42):
   * Updating the version to track the 1.15.1 release
   * AD: Use ad_domain to match forest root domain, not the configured domain 
from sssd.conf
   * SUDO: Only store lowercased attribute value once
   * NEGCACHE: Add API to reset all users and groups
   * NSS: Add sbus interface to clear memory cache
   * UTIL: Add a new domain state called DOM_INCONSISTENT
   * RESPONDER: Add a responder sbus interface to set domain state
   * RESPONDER: A sbus interface to reset negatively cached users and groups
   * DP: Add internal DP interface to set domain state
   * DP: Add internal interface to reset negative cache from DP
   * DP: Add internal interface to invalidate memory cache from DP
   * RESPONDER: Include the files provider in NEEDS_CHECK_PROVIDER
   * RESPONDER: Contact inconsistent domains
   * UTIL: Add a generic inotify module
   * CONFDB: Re-enable the files provider
   * FILES: Add the files provider
   * CONFDB: Make pwfield configurable per-domain
   * CONFDB: The files domain defaults to "x" as pwfield
   * MAN: Document the pwfield configuration option
   * TESTS: move helper fixtures to back up and restore a file to a utility 
   * TESTS: add a helper module with shared NSS constants
   * TESTS: Add a module to call nss_sss's getpw* from tests
   * TESTS: Add a module to call nss_sss's getgr* from tests
   * TESTS: Add files provider integration tests
   * MONITOR: Remove checks for sssd.conf changes
   * MONITOR: Use the common inotify code to watch resolv.conf
   * MAN: Add documentation for the files provider
   * EXAMPLES: Do not point to id_provider=local
   * SBUS: Document how to free the result of sbus_create_message
   * FILES: Fix reallocation logic
   * TESTS: Remove unused import
   * DOC: Deprecate README, add
   * MONITOR: Enable an implicit files domain if one is not configured
   * TESTS: Enable the files domain for all integration tests
   * TESTS: Test the files domain autoconfiguration
   * CONFDB: Refactor reading the config file
   * CONFDB: If no configuration file is provided, create a fallback 
   * UTIL: Store UPN suffixes when creating a new subdomain
   * SYSDB: When searching for UPNs, search either the whole DB or only the 
given domain
   * CACHE_REQ: Only search the given domain when looking up entries by UPN
   * Updating translations for the 1.15.1 release
 * Justin Stephenson (5):
   * FAILOVER: Improve port status log messages
   * SUDO: Add skip_entry boolean to sudo conversions
   * TESTS: Add to IPA DN test
   * DYNDNS: Update PTR record after non-fatal error
   * DYNDNS: Correct debug log message of realm
 * Lukas Slebodnik (13):
   * BUILD: Fix linking of test_wbc_calls
   * Suppres implicit-fallthrough from gcc 7
   * pam_sss: Suppress warning format-truncation
   * TOOLS: Fix warning format-truncation
   * sssctl: Fix warning may be used uninitialized
   * ldap_child: Fix use after free
   * SYSTEMD: Update journald drop-in file
   * Partially revert "CONFIG: Use default config when none provided"
   * BUILD: Fix linking of test_sdap_initgr
   * intg: Fix python3 issues
   * FILES: Remove unnecessary check
   * Update link to commit template
   * Use pagure links as a reference to upstream
 * Pavel Březina (17):
   * SBUS: remove unused symbols
   * SBUS: use sss_ptr_hash for opath table
   * SBUS: use sss_ptr_hash for nodes table
   * SBUS: use sss_ptr_hash for signals table
   * ssh: fix number of output certificates
   * ssh: do not create again fq name
   * sss_parse_inp_send: provide default_domain as parameter
   * cache_req: add ability to not use default domain suffix
   * cache_req: search user by name with attrs
   * cache_req: add api to create ldb_result from message
   * cache_req: move dp request to plugin
   * cache_req: add host by name search
   * ssh: rewrite ssh responder to use cache_req
   * ssh: fix typo
   * cache_req: always go to dp first when looking up host
   * NSS: Rename the interface to invalidate memory cache initgroup records for 
   * CONFDB: The files provider always enumerates
 * Petr Čech (5):
   * LDAP: Better logging message
   * SYSDB: Removing of sysdb_try_to_find_expected_dn()
   * TEST: create_multidom_test_ctx() extending
   * TESTS: Tests for sdap_search_initgr_user_in_batch
   * IPA_SUDO: Unused value fix
 * Sumit Bose (17):
   * sdap_extend_map: make sure memory can be freed
   * check_duplicate: check name member before using it
   * pam_sss: check conversation callback
   * PAM: store user object in the preq context
   * PAM: fix memory leak in pam_sss
   * PAM: use sentinel error code in PAM tests
   * utils: new error codes
   * LDAP/proxy: tell frontend that Smartcard auth is not supported
   * authtok: enhance support for Smartcard auth blobs
   * PAM: forward Smartcard credentials to backends
   * p11: return name of PKCS#11 module and key id to pam_sss
   * pam: enhance Smartcard authentication token
   * KRB5: allow pkinit pre-authentication
   * authtok: fix tests on big-endian
   * pam: use authtok from PAM stack if available
   * cache_req: use own namespace for UPNs
   * PAM: Improve debugging on smartcard creds forward

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