I'm wondering if anyone else has done something similar to us, and if so am 
wondering how you went about it or if it is indeed at all possible.

Our situation is:

  *   We have a few VMs which are domain joined to "internal.local" which is an 
Active Directory domain that we have no control over or administrative access
  *   We would like to install IPA on these VMs (replicated, with named for 
DNS) with a separate domain called "dev.zone"
  *   Authentication to the VM itself via SSH should be carried out against 
"internal.local" still – we will point our own services that we are going to 
install like GitLab directly at the IPA server
  *   "dev.zone" will be setup as a conditional forwarder on the Active 
Directory domain pointing at the IPA-installed named-pkcs11 service to do 
resolution for this domain

My initial findings are that IPA installs fine but it changes some things in 
/etc/krb5.conf like:

  *   Adding in "dev.zone" realm
  *   Modifies the "default_realm" to be "dev.zone"
  *   Leaves the "[realm]" definition for "internal.local" but empties it of 
the "kdc" and "admin_server" definitions
  *   Removes the kerberos tickets for "internal.local" that were in "net ads 
keytab list"

This ultimately results in IPA working fine but authentication to the server 
via SSH no longer works as it's looking to "dev.zone" now.

Is it possible to achieve what we're wanting to do? Can these two things 
co-exist peacefully?



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