maybe one of you guys is able to help me with that.

Please dont ask why, but i have to convert my users ldap pass to htpasswd.

In my ldap setup running at the moment i do it like this:


ldapsearch  -D 'cn=admin,dc=doman,dc=de' -w $PASS -LLL -x -b
"dc=domain,dc=de" uid=$user | grep userPassword | cut -d ":" -f 3 |
openssl base64 -d


with the "openssl base64 -d" part i get a working htpasswd password.

I now tried the same with my freeIPA installation. I am able to get the
ldap pass, but the return of the "openssl base64 -d" command is just empty.

Is there a way to "convert" the pass in my needed format?

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