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FreeIPA-users wrote:
> Hello,
> after the mistake with Startcom CA (Class 3), now I look for a new 
> Certificate..
> Is it possible and functional to install a Letsencrypt CA on a IPA-Server?
> I have found a script on "github" to install a Letsencript CA for FreeIPA 
> (fedora), but can any tell me is this working with CentOS 7.(3).
> Thanks for a answer,

Let's Encrypt is a trusted public CA; you can only acquire leaf
certificates for TLS servers from Let's Encrypt.  You cannot acquire
a CA certificate from Let's Encrypt.

The script you found must be for acquiring service certificates from
Let's Encrypt, for IPA-enrolled hosts/services.  I do not know if it
works with CentOS 7, but if it works with FreeIPA 4.x on Fedora, it
will probably work with ipa-4.x on CentOS 7.

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