Thanks again for your point of view of the problem!
There are some Linux centric products on the market that require centralized 
AAA services (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting). One of them is Hadoop 
and it’s Hortonworks implementation. It has it’s own Kerberos to be able to 
authenticate users from centrally managed domain and we were exploring options 
on how to point it into user base that we currently have within IPA domain.


On 5/30/17, 12:43 PM, "Alexander Bokovoy" <> wrote:

>On ti, 30 touko 2017, Andrey Ptashnik via FreeIPA-users wrote:
>>Thank you for the hint!
>>We are testing component integration in the non-production environment
>>in the lab. Can you advice if that is potentially working solution and
>>we can get working, or someone tried without much success and Red Hat
>>won’t be investing time into that development even in the future at
>I have no idea on how Red Hat plans to productize FreeIPA features that
>aren't developed yet, so no comment on that side. 
>Upstream-wise, when we get IPA-IPA trust working, we'll get to the point
>where this would be required to handle and have it properly working. In
>IPA-AD trust this is handled automatically by the code in ipasam module
>but IPA-AD trust is more than just a Kerberos realm trust.
>A problem with a generic Kerberos realm trust is that it doesn't really
>have an answer to an identity part of the question. You would have
>Kerberos principals from a trusted realm but you don't know to which
>identities they need to be mapped on POSIX systems enrolled into IPA,
>for POSIX applications.
>This goes further -- if we have no identities, how we can apply RBAC,
>HBAC, SUDO, and other rules.
>One possible answer to those questions is when you have identical user
>names on both sides and you are effectively ask to impersonate IPA
>users by a trusted realm Kerberos principals. This still needs manual
>setup on your side to allow mapping of the principals but at least
>solves identity problem. It is, however, a hardly most interesting case.
>So what use case you have in mind for such a trust?
>/ Alexander Bokovoy
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