Thank you for those documents!
Term “experimental” little scared me away, however I’ll give it a try, since we 
have a journey for the best, read future proof, option.


On 5/30/17, 3:09 PM, "Alexander Bokovoy" <> wrote:

>On ti, 30 touko 2017, Andrey Ptashnik wrote:
>>Thanks again for your point of view of the problem!
>>There are some Linux centric products on the market that require
>>centralized AAA services (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting).
>>One of them is Hadoop and it’s Hortonworks implementation. It has it’s
>>own Kerberos to be able to authenticate users from centrally managed
>>domain and we were exploring options on how to point it into user base
>>that we currently have within IPA domain.
>Did you check
>Specifically, for Hortonworks' Ambari:
>/ Alexander Bokovoy
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