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In the mean time I would like to ask about the status of this project


Is this already implemnted? So far I couldn't find any practical
examples on how to configure freeipa with auditd on freeipa clients :(

If you know of any other working solution, please share!

I'm working on the Session Recording project and so far we have no solution
integrated with FreeIPA, although we have plans for it.

We have terminal I/O logging working in tlog, we're finishing its integration
with SSSD, and we built aushape tool to stream audit events in JSON for
storage in ElasticSearch. We're starting work on the WebUI playback (we have
playback on terminal only so far). We're getting end-to-end recording-playback
solution working first and then we'll start on integration.

Check out my talk at FOSDEM'17, along with the slides:


If you'd like to set something up yourself, read




I'll be glad to answer any other questions you might have about Session

I'm also going to set up a blog with updates on the project to which you'll be
able to subscribe. I can notify you when it's done, if you'd like.

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