Jose and I exchanged some files privately and I think I've narrowed down
the enrollment problem to failing to get a keytab due to the error:

Failed to retrieve encryption type DES cbc mode with CRC-32 (#1)

This is because newer IPA servers don't support DES.

I don't recall the workaround for this but it likely involves enabling
weak crypto support it the KDC, something I'm not sure works these days
(not a bad thing).

I seem to recall I made a patch to ipa-getkeytab eons ago to cause it to
not completely fail as long as one requested key type is retrieved by
ipa-getkeytab but it seems unlikely to have been backported to EL 5 (and
zero chance at this point).

Not sure what to recommend at this point. Enabling DES is not the best idea.

You could follow the manual client configuration instructions instead.

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