I am running two FreeIPA servers up-to-date on Fedora 25, ie. v4.4.4 of 
FreeIPA, in a small office environment.

named-pkcs11 is logging quite many (~30 a day) errors like the below block:

LDAP error: Timed out: while modifying(replace) entry 
retrying LDAP operation (modifying(replace)) on entry 
LDAP query timed out. Try to adjust "timeout" parameter
zone ddns.ske1.bublar/IN: serial (1498025739) write back to LDAP failed

I am also seeing intermittent login issues in services configured with LDAP 
login, which further indicates the directory server is intermittently 

However, the "errors" log for the directory server does not contain any errors.

How can I further debug/troubleshoot this issue?
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