Hi guys,

We have a setup where the FreeIPA server also hosts the user's homedirs. These 
are shared via NFSv4 and are automounted when a user logs in.

[root@adm-001 ~]# cat /etc/exports

[root@adm-001 ~]# ipa automountkey-show
Location: default
Map: auto.home
Key: *
  Key: *
  Mount information: -fstype=nfs4,rw,sec=krb5,intr,hard 

While normal ssh logins work (you ssh to the client and put in your password), 
passwordless ssh does not work. It's obvious that passwordless logins do not 
activate the kerberos ticket function, but that results in the users being 
unable to read their own files in their homedirs.

For now we ask users to not do passwordless login, but could we make the latter 



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