so finally I managed to fix the issue.
The user used was ‘admin’ the ticket was a fresh one obtained immediately 
before the command.

After digging through many mails on this list I was pretty sure it had 
something todo with ACIs and them maybe not being readded after an upgrade.
What I did to fix the issue was the following:

I used a slightly modified version of 
(changing the add to a replace) and loaded it onto the master.
Afterwards I was able to delete the replica and add a new one.

Altough when running a “list-ruv” I stell get some error messages (but also  
output of actual RUVs)

ipa-replica-manage list-ruv
Directory Manager password:

unable to decode: {replica 7} 58456abc000400070000 58456abc000400070000
unable to decode: {replica 9} 578864f6000100090000 578864f6000100090000
Replica Update Vectors:

So this is a different issue, but I would be glad If I somehow could remove 
these orphaned RUVs.

Am 23.06.17, 15:36 schrieb "Rob Crittenden" <rcrit...@redhat.com>:

    Sieferlinger, Andreas via FreeIPA-users wrote:
    > Hi all,
    > after an upgrade von 4.1 to 4.4 (4.4.0-14.el7.centos.7)  I have some
    > trouble in changing replication agreements.
    > #ipa-replica-manage del auth4.example.com
    > 'auth9.example.com' has no replication agreement for 'auth4.example.com'
    > # ipa-replica-manage del auth4.example.com --force --clean
    > Cleaning a master is irreversible.
    > This should not normally be require, so use cautiously.
    > Continue to clean master? [no]: yes
    > Re-run /sbin/ipa-replica-manage with --verbose option to get more
    > information
    > Unexpected error: Insufficient access: Insufficient 'delete' privilege
    > to delete the entry
    > I suspect some missing ACLs that probably got lost during an update,
    > although I do not know which and how to read.
    What credentials do you currently have? klist will show you.
    If you are admin, or a member of the admins group, then the output of
    this will show what rights the user has:
    $ ipa user-show --all --raw <your user> |grep memberof

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