I am running the latest CentOS 7.3 / FreeIPA release and it appears that my
replication got broke.

[27/Jun/2017:17:28:58.705411461 +0000] NSMMReplicationPlugin -
agmt="cn=meTolasdc-lmfpa-002.lxi.m451.tech" (lasdc-lmfpa-002:389): Data
required to update replica has been purged from the changelog. The replica
must be reinitialized.
[27/Jun/2017:17:29:02.257550913 +0000]
" (lasdc-lmfpa-002:389) - Can't locate CSN 595283d600b400140000 in the
changelog (DB rc=-30988). If replication stops, the consumer may need to be

When I try to delete the agreement and re-create it I get the error:
Removal of IPA replication agreement is deprecated with managed IPA
replication topology. Please use `ipa topologysegment-*` commands to manage
the topology.

However when I try to delete the segment and recreate it I also get an

[root@lasdc-lmfpa-002 ~]# ipa topologysegment-del
Suffix name: domain
Segment name: las01-003-010.lxi.m451.tech-to-lasdc-lmfpa-002.lxi.m451.tech
ipa: ERROR: Server is unwilling to perform: Removal of Segment disconnects
topology.Deletion not allowed.

Any ideas how i resolve this issue? I basically have 2 FreeIPA servers in
each DC and the one DC is happy with the sync, but I lost all replication
to the other so passwords aren't syncing across DC's.
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